AJIYA 8 Series

Ajiya's technical competencies and the urge to pursue innovation led the company into the genesis of Ajiya Green Integrated Building System ("AGiBS") which comprises the following 8 series of housing components:

1)    Ajiya Light Weight Metal Wall Frames
2)    Ajiya Metal Roofing Products
3)    ARIT Truss System / Components
4)    AriteQ Ceiling Products
5)    AriteQ Sunshade / Louvre Products
6)    Ajiya Safety Glass & Sash
7)    Ajiya Metal Frame Products
8)    Ajiya Composite Floor Decking Products

AGiBS is apt for the development of affordable and quality homes at a quick turnaround time. Under its Vision 2040, Ajiya aims to provide affordable and sustainable integrated building solutions for the community.
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