Ajiya diversified into safety glass processing business in 1996 through the setting up of Ajiya Safety Glass Sdn Bhd,  under the brand name “AJIYA”. The Ajiya Glass Group comprises the following companies:-

Ajiya Safety Glass Sdn Bhd
ASG Marketing Sdn Bhd
Thai Ajiya Safety Glass Co., Ltd. (Thailand)
In the earlier days, the Glass Group produced Tempered and Laminated Glass and later broadened to include insulating safety glass, decorative safety glass, security safety and storm protection safety glass, heat strengthened glass, curved tempered safety glass and Attoch. These products are widely used in industrial, commercial, recreational, office, residential building as well as furniture and white goods. Our energy saving safety glass is particularly popular with developers, architects, engineers, planners, designers, contractors, green consultants and end users.
Ajiya believes quality is an essence for success. The Glass Group obtained BS EN ISO9002:1994 accreditation in 1998, updated to ISO9001:2000 in 2002, and ISO9001:2008 in 2010.  In 2016, we obtained Product Certification Licence for Tempered Safety Glass and Laminated Safety Glass in Building fully complying to MS.1498:2011. In the same year, the Glass Group obtained “Perakuan Permatuhan Standard” in 2016 for Tempered Safety Glass and Laminated Safety Glass in Building. Meanwhile, our Thai Ajiya Safety Glass Co., Ltd, was certified with SGS ISO 9001:2008 in 2013.
Dr.iven by strategic planning, passion and commitment, the Glass Group has expanded aggressively. As at today, Ajiya Safety Glass is one of the largest safety glass processor in South East Asia.
Ajiya Safety Glass is a founding member of Malaysia Green Building Confederation (MGBC), an organisation in Malaysia endorsed and supported by WGBC (World Green Building Council), Ajiya will continue to spearhead the development of green building components for a sustainable built environment in Malaysia.