Decorative Safety Glass
Product Description
AJIYA Decorative Glass is produced by applying ceramic or enamel paint onto the glass surface before being heat treated in a tempering furnace. A full range of decorative designs and colors can be created to suit every need. It can be used monolithically, laminated or double glazed.

Product Features
Scratch Resistant
After curing, the coating is fused to the glass and cannot be scratched off.
Fade Resistant
The color of the coating is highly durable and will not fade even in harsh climates.
Reduce Glare
The patterned glass can be designed to reduce glare.
Reduce Solar Transmission
The patterned glass can also be designed to reduce solar transmission.
Wide Range Of Colours
A wide range of standard colors are available. Custom color is available upon special request.
Wide Range Of Patterns
A wide range of standard patterns are available. Custom pattern is available upon special request.

Product Application
Spandrel Glass
Curtain Walls
Skylight Lights
Shower Screens