The Smart, simple solution to house framing
Ajiya Green Integrated Building Solutions
AGiBS® also can be used in building adding floor, re-roofing or adding light partitions and external claddings. This system has several obvious advantages including:
•   Light Weight
•   Wide span
•   Resistant to strong winds and earthquakes
•   Superior thermal comfort
•   Excellent noise reduction performance


It is a highly efficient, energy saving, environment friendly sustainable green building system.

Light weight steel framing combined with its design versatility and flexibility, means a steel-framed house can be built with minimal site impact. Quite literally, it 'touches the earth lightly'. This is especially apparent on sloping and difficult sites where it can be used in conjunction with suspended flooring systems, reducing the need to cut into the site and thus leaving a much smaller imprint. Steel frames are fabricated off-site to exact specifications, there is minimal cutting and wastage onsite - making for a cleaner building environment.
•   Steel is one of the most recycled materials on the planet.
•   Steel not only is 100% recyclable, it is made with a component of recycled steel.
•   Steel requires no additional chemical treatments.
•   Steel framing is recognized both here and overseas as a healthy home alternative for people suffering from asthma.