Heat Strengthened Safety Glass
Product Description
AJIYA Heat Strengthened Glass is a heat treated glass with a residual surface compression greater than 3,500 psi and less than 10,000 psi, or edge compression greater than 5,500 psi and less than 9,700 psi. It is manufactured similarly to AJIYA Tempered Glass, except this glass is cooled less rapidly. When broken, the break pattern will vary according to the surface compression.

Product Features
Safety & Standards
AJIYA Heat Strengthened Glass conforms to the requirements of ASTM C 1048, etc.
AJIYA Heat Strengthened Glass is approximately 2 times stronger than ordinary annealed glass. It has a higher bending strength and is more resistant to impact when compared with ordinary annealed glass.
Thermal Stress Resistant
AJIYA Heat Strengthened Glass offers good resistance to thermal stress, althought less than tempered glass.
AJIYA Heat Strengthened Glass cannot be drilled, cut or edged after being heat treated. All dimensions and specifications must be determined before the glass is heat treated.
In addition to clear glass, AJIYA Heat Strengthened Glass also comes in various colors or tints, and can be reflective or low energy as well.

Product Application
SpecificationProduct Size(mm)Product Thickness(mm)
Type of Process Minimum Maximum Minimum Minimum
Heat Strengthened Glass 180 x 180 6000 x 3000 3.0 10

AJIYA Heat Strengthened Glass are widely used in:
Curtain Walls