Security Safety / Storm Protection Safety Glass
Product Description
AJIYA Bullet Resistant Glass range is designed to stop bullets and prevent spalling on the opposite side of the impact, while maintaining complete visibility and light transmission.
AJIYA Bullet Resistant Glass is a high quality composite that combines the properties of DuPont SentryGlas® Plus and Spallshield ® with the abrasion resistance of glass. These laminated glass vary in thickness and composition according to the type of weapon and ammunition used, and the degree of protection required.

Product Features
Non Spalling
The Spallshield® at the back face of the panel will provide anti spalling protection.
Due to Spallshield®, a person impacting the glass on the protected side will not be lacerated by broken glass.
UV Protection
Nearly all the sun's damaging UV rays will be filtered out by the panel, thus providing protection against discoloration and damage to fabrics, furniture, wall coverings, furnishings, artworks, etc.
Thinner Panel
AJIYA Bullet Resistant Glass is currently one of the thinnest glass clad bullet resistant glass in the market for the respective protect levels.

Product Application
Classification of PanelType of WeaponCalibreAmmunnitionRangeNo. of strikesPanel Thickness
G0 9mm handgun 9mm Parabellum 8.0g FMJ 3m 3 16.78
G1 .357 Magnum handgun .357 Magnum 10.2g JSP 3m 3 25.06
G2 .44 Magnum handgun .44 Magnum 15.6g SWC 3m 3 32.06
R1 5.56 Rifle 5.56mm x 45 M193 3.6g 10m 3 37.06
R2 7.62 Rifle 7.62mm x 51 Nato Standard 9.3g 10m 3 48.34


The above protection levels are based in part, on the Australian Standards ASNZ2343. Due to research and development, the above specifications are subject to change.


FMJ - Full Metal Jacket, JSP - Jacketed Soft Point, SWC - Semi Wadcutter
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