Statement of Corporate Social and Responsibilities

Statement of Corporate Social and Responsibilities





We at Ajiya, hold our corporate social responsibilities dear as we strive to scale greater heights. Our values and CSR practices are reflected in our social interactions and workplace, where we work towards our long-term commitment to make the world a better place.



Safer Workplace

Ajiya’s greatest asset is its people. At Ajiya, we strive to create a positive and safe working environment for our people. As such, their health is one of our priority concerns. Our Safety and Health Committee periodically reviews safety and health issues at the workplace. Ajiya’s workplace is adequately equipped with the necessary safety equipment while audiometric tests are frequently performed.

Besides that, to ensure prime physical and mental health of our employees and reduced operational risks, 5S and safety awareness messages are regularly enforced and communicated throughout all levels of the Group. We also frequently implement in-house trainings on Safety & Health at the Workplace for our employees. For example, we had Petronas Gas Bhd over at our workplace to present a briefing on environmental safety and awareness  known as "Program Kesedaran Awam (Operasi Penyaluran Gas)" this year. Additional benefits like the Medical Surgical and Personal Accident insurance coverage is provided to all our employees.



Treasuring Employees

We at Ajiya uphold the importance of education and commend the loyalty of our employees. Hence, we award the children of our employees with the ‘Academy Achievement Award’ for students who excel academically. This award is a sign of encouragement and recognition of the children's’ efforts, which we hope will inspire them to pursue greater excellence. Meanwhile, our employees who have served the company for many years stand to receive the ‘Long Service Award’ as a token of appreciation and recognition of their loyalty.


Skill Equipment and Personal Development

We understand the importance of engaging and empowering our people. To strengthen our workforce, we continuously roll out training and development programmes throughout the year for employees at all levels, to fully unlock their potential. Ajiya has always conducted regular in-house training as well as development programmes to enhance the process. We have a wide range of areas of development, which include ISO 9001 : 2015 Risk-based Thinking In Audit, Safety In Workplace, First Aid Training, and Microsoft Excel Intermediate. In addition, we engage professionals to conduct a series of workshops on enhancing work performance. This workshop aims to help the Group understand the true meaning of performance and how it can be achieved. Following this, Ajiya has since implemented a new and more accurate performance appraisal scheme.


Social Events

The social events held at Ajiya is an avenue for our people to foster closer ties within the workplace and promote greater team spirit. Our teamwork is what drives a company’s operations smoothly. To name a few events held at Ajiya, we organise annual dinner gatherings as well as sports club activities that run throughout the year. These sports club activities not only foster teamwork values, but also enrich our employees’ lifestyle, health-wise.






Ajiya is passionate in giving back to the community and we are proud to play a role to lend a helping hand in building a greater society.

We channel financial aid through funding programmes that contribute to the social well-being of the public. We focus on schools and education scholarships, haemodialysis centre, sports associations, community development programmes, and societies for the disabled, among others.

Ajiya also encourages its employees to do their part by having them volunteer in non-governmental charities and blood donation drives. By engaging in charity works, we certainly see values of human spirit, passion, and teamwork. Additionally, such acts have also strengthened the bonds between Ajiya and the community. Employees who participate in blood donation campaigns are awarded for their charitable act.

Apart from that, we aim to inspire and cultivate young talents, by providing learning opportunities. At Ajiya, we offer yearly industrial trainee programme for undergraduate students or fresh graduates. This programme helps prepare the trainees for professional work in the future and develops their work skills.

During the financial year, Ajiya collaborated with Malaysia Green Building Confederation (MGBC) and Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) for the MGBC-Malaysia Institute of Architects Architectural Design Competition 2016. The competition was organised to find a winning design of the Next Generation New Green Research and Office Building for a site located at UKM in Bangi, Selangor. The design had to be incorporated with green building materials promoted by Ajiya. Being one of the collaborators in this competition, we also sponsored a total monetary value of RM225,000 - of which RM200,000 was awarded to the winner, and the remaining prize money allocated to five honorary mentions.



We are one of the founders of the Malaysia Green Building Confederation (MGBC), a non-profit making organisation supported by the professional, industrial and non-government sectors to promote sustainable buildings in Malaysia. Ajiya has been tirelessly working together with both authorities and professionals to develop more Sustainable Buildings in the country.


Our products offer an alternative natural timber-based material that reduces unsustainable logging activities. With the Ajiya Green Integrated Building System, not only is the system environmental-friendly, but wastage is also minimised. Our Energy Efficient High Performance Glass plays a part in facilitating energy conservation through reducing energy consumption for cooling, as well as minimising noise, heat and UV rays.


Ajiya remains committed to preserving the environment by implementing environmental-friendly practices in our operations. Apart from green building, green efforts begin from the workplace too, where we have allocated recycle bins in our offices and re-use recycled papers. Ajiya encourages green practices by utilising scanning and emailing whenever possible within the workplace, to reduce paper usage.


Furthermore, as a testament to our knowledge and experience on the green industrialised building system, our Group Managing Director, Dato' Chan Wah Kiang was invited as speaker at the ASEAN Iron and Steel Sustainability Forum held in Kuala Lumpur and Thailand during the financial year. The main objective of the forum is to examine and discuss issues affecting the sustainable development of the iron and steel industry in ASEAN, from economic, environmental and safety aspects.





Privacy and Data Protection

We recognise and acknowledge the laws and regulations related to Privacy and Data Protection, ensuring that the use of personal data is in a lawful and appropriate manner. At Ajiya, all information of both customers and employees are strictly private and confidential. Policies and procedures in place to safeguard our database are constantly regulated by our ICT department.


Supplier Management and Customer Care

At Ajiya, we ensure that all business procurement processes adhere to our procurement policy, maintained through regular monitoring of our suppliers’ performance. We are governed by our policy and procedures at every stage, from the procurement of raw materials to the delivery of our products. Our efforts are reflected in the industry standard certifications awarded through the years, namely AS/NZS 2208:1996 Safety Glass Materials in Buildings, ISO 9001 Quality Management System and Product Certification Licence. We take pride in our customers’ trust in Ajiya, by upholding the quality and reliability of our products. Hence, Ajiya stands committed to its product development and services.


Moving Forward


We continue to uphold our objectives of achieving long-term and sustainable growth, as we maintain our existing Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programmes and roll out new ones progressively.