Structural Products
All C and Zed section are roll-formed from high-tensile zinc-coated steel. The coll roll-forming process ensures a high degree of consistency and accuracy in the dimension of the sections. Both C and Zed sections are available in sizes ranging from 100mm to 250mm, with thickness from 1.6mm to 2.5mm. The section are supplied according to lengths and pre-punched with the required holes, thus enabling immediate installation on delivery to the site.

ARIT™ Steel Truss System is make of light-weight, high-tensile galvanised or zinc/aluminium alloy-coated steel which protects the system from corrosion, a making it more durable. The system uses C-section for chord and steel battens for bracing. It designed for optimum strength and minimum cost for roof truss construction.
ARIT™ Steel Truss System can be incorporated with ARIT™ Fascia Board produced by AJIYA. ARIT™ Fascia Board has many advantages and is stable in quality when compared to conventional timber fascia board.


he AJIYA PEVA 50 - structural floor decking is an innovative and highly efficient product used in composite slabs. It combines the laying of the form and reinforcement, and gives remarkable saving in materials, labour and expenses. It is made of steel sheet Z36-27N by rolling.
AJIYA Peva 50 available in thickness between 0.8mm and 1.0mm. The sheet coated with Zinc coating steel to BS 2989 Z35 (Minimum yield strength of 350MPa and zinc coating weight of 275g/m2).
AJIYA Peva 50 available with PVC Plastisol surface coating for customer to select the desired color.