Tile Effect Roofing Products

AJIYA's stylish tile effect and industrial metal decking now provides designers and owners with a variety of carefully designed profiles to truly satisfy both form and function. Manufactured from high-tensile steel that is protected with corrosion-inhibitive treatments and coatings, this system is designed to provide the broad spectrum of performance that gives a long life and minimum maintenance. The finishing coat af either the time-proven Silicone Polyester or the high-performance PvF2 comes in a range of specially selected attractive colours.

  • Roll-formed from G300 grade of steel step profile metal roofing sheet.
  • Roofing profiles with material warranty up to 25 years. (Warranty terms & conditions apply)
  • With effective cover width of 780mm and rib height of 35mm.
  • Recommended minimum roof pitch 8º.
  • Euro come with module length of 300mm and 350mm.
  • Innovative, durable and cost effective.
  • Widely used for all types of residential and commercial project such as bungalows, shop offices, hostels, condominiums, schools, government staff quarters, mosques and etc.
  • Prevent burglaries entry, durable and lightweight compare to conventional concrete tiles.
  • 80% lighter material compare to normal clay / concrete tiles, it is extremely easy to handle and do not impose unnecessary stress onto the roof structures, furthermore it is unbreakable.